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Balayage hair color: Many women have the desire to change their hair color. This feeling typically starts during the middle school years, when appearances start to become more important, and, well, it never really goes away.

 You may have heard about balayage hair color or even seen pictures and liked how it looked. But you might not be fully aware of what it is, how it’s different from highlights hair, or if it would work well for you. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Aveda color, highlights, and balayage, and how to find the best Aveda hair color salon near me.

Aveda Color

Aveda hair color is known for being the highest quality. It’s made from naturally derived ingredients which is what gives it its unique scent. You’ll know you’re stepping into an Aveda salon based on your nose alone.

Aveda creates all of their products without parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. These ingredients may make your hair look good, but they ultimately end up doing more damage than they’re worth. By using green products whenever possible, Aveda is able to provide high quality hair products that are also good for the earth, and the areas where the ingredients are found.

Aveda has three main criteria that every ingredient must pass in order to be included in their products.

1. It must be naturally derived, meaning that at least 50% of the ingredient must come from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, or another natural source.

2. It must be certified organic.

3. It must come from sustainable or renewable plant based sources, and must not harm the ecosystem it is sourced from.

When you visit Rejuv, we will use Aveda color to help create the look you desire. Your stylist will determine the amount of time before your next appointment, typically six to eight weeks, but maybe up to twelve. At this follow up appointment, we will trim your ends to reshape the hair cut, and retouch hair color to bring back life to dull strands. Your appointment will also include a complimentary consultation, scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, and our best tips and tricks to achieving your perfect look at home every day. Our goal is to make sure you leave feeling like the best version of yourself, and sometimes a little hair cut and color revamp is all that’s needed.

Highlights Hair vs. Balayage Hair Color

Many people understand what highlights are but balayage is a bit newer to the scene and can still be confusing for first timers. We have many guests come into our salon and request highlights, but when we talk to them, we discover that what they really want is balayage, they just don’t know it yet!

 To help you understand the difference, let’s explain how highlights work and how balayage works. Highlights are a way to lighten your hair from root to ends. You’re probably familiar with the idea of the stylist laying a small section of hair on a foil, painting it with lightener, then folding it up and letting it rest on your head while she works on the rest of your hair. Balayage is similar in that it is a technique used to lighten small sections of hair, but it doesn’t start at the root of the hair. Instead, it starts about one quarter down the strand which allows the hair to be softer or more muted at the root and get progressively lighter at the ends.

 Lots of guests love the look of highlights but don’t have the time or money to handle the upkeep. This is why we often recommend balayage hair color instead. Because it doesn’t start right at the roots, it is less noticeable when it grows out. This means you can go longer between appointments, which saves you money.

 Both highlights hair and balayage hair color will help you achieve a lighter overall look, but highlights require more upkeep. If you prefer to keep regular appointments at the salon and can handle this, great! If you’re more low-maintenance or are on a budget, ask us about balayage at your next visit.

The Best Aveda Hair Color Salon Near Me


If you’re ready to revamp your look, check out Rejuv Hair Salon and Barbershop in Tampa. We are an Aveda Lifestyle Hair Salon and Retail Store providing hair cuts, hair color, hair styling, hair treatments, makeup application, and barber services to the Tampa, Florida, area.