Aveda Salon Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Aveda Salon Hair Extensions

Many of our clients desire to have longer, thicker hair. Of course, you can wait for your hair to grow while still maintaining regular hair trim appointments, taking your vitamins, and applying lots of strengthening and protein treatments. But depending on your hair goals, this can take a year or more. Instead, Aveda VoMor extensions are a quick way to achieve long, thick, beautiful hair with just one appointment.


About Aveda VoMor Extensions


These premium quality hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. Whether you have thin hair due to genetics or a medical condition, these Aveda salon hair extensions can provide the volume, thickness, and color your hair needs to look its best.

Made from cuticle intact Remy hair, these extensions use the tape in method to adhere to your natural hair. They come in two different lengths: 12 and 16 inches. The color options come in 30 shades from ash blonde to jet black. They are completely safe and do not damage your natural hair when treated properly. They should only be applied or removed by a professional stylist at a hair salon. We recommend treating your natural hair with any styling or coloring treatments before having the extensions installed.


The Process

 Before we can install the extensions in your hair, we’ll first want to have a consultation. During this appointment we will assess the health of your existing hair and discuss your hair goals so we can find the right Aveda salon extensions for you.

 During the installation appointment, we will section your hair into small strips, apply the extension underneath, and add the tape on top. This will continue throughout your entire scalp until the whole head is covered. Then, we’ll cut and style to your preferred look and discuss maintenance and care instructions for taking care of your new hair extensions.

 Before you leave the salon, we will schedule you for an upkeep appointment approximately six to eight weeks later. At this appointment we will remove and reinstall the extensions to accommodate for new hair growth during this period.


Hair Extensions Salon Near Me


Looking for the best salon in Tampa to get hair extensions? Look no further than Rejuv Hair Salon and Barbershop. We are at The Pearl, located across from Armature Works. You can give us a call at 813-442-8767 or send us a message online. We would love to discuss your current hair needs and future hair goals to help you find the best stylist for you!