Aveda Hair and Scalp Treatment

The Best Aveda Hair and Scalp Treatment

When your hair is feeling less than its best, you might be tempted to resolve the problem with lots of extra products during your styling routine. Although this can provide a short term solution, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. If your hair has been feeling dull, dry, or if your scalp is extra sensitive lately, try an Aveda hair and scalp treatment during your next visit to Rejuv salon in Tampa.

Aveda Hair and Scalp Treatment

Aveda makes a few different kinds of hair and scalp treatments, each aimed at fighting a different reason for whatever your hair is lacking. If you’ve been doing a lot of styling using heat products, check out the Aveda Damage Remedy line. This range of products is designed to treat hair that’s been damaged from heat including blow drying, straightening, and curling. When the heat from these tools is applied directly to the hair strand, it causes burning which leads to dead ends and dry hair. Restore your hair’s health and beauty with Aveda Damage Remedy.

 If your scalp is dry from the cold winter air, harsh shampoo and conditioning products, or some other reason, you might want to try an Aveda scalp treatment salon. We can take a look at your scalp’s health during the beginning of your appointment to assess the situation and provide the perfect remedy. A gentle but moisturizing scalp treatment could be just the thing you need to avoid dandruff. Depending on your situation, we may also recommend switching shampoo, conditioner, or other styling products as needed to restore your scalp’s natural balance and give you back the healthy hair you deserve.

Visit Rejuv Hair Salon in Tampa

At Rejuv Hair Salon and Barbershop in Tampa, Florida, we have been perfecting the art of hair styling for 15 years. Our salon is an Aveda Lifestyle Hair Salon and Retail Store which means that we can not only provide you with a great cut and style, but we can also send you home with the highest quality products so you can achieve a great hair day every day. During every appointment we provide a complimentary consultation, stress-relieving scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, and education on when and how to use the proper products.

 If you’ve been looking for the best Aveda scalp treatment salon in Tampa, look no further than Rejuv. We are located at 315 West Palm Avenue at The Pearl, across from Armature Works. You can reach us at 813-442-8767 or send us an email online. We look forward to discussing your current hair troubles and future hair goals to help you achieve the look of your dreams!