Aveda Hair Stylist

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Aveda Hair Stylist

Whether you love visiting the salon, or hate having someone else touch your hair, you should be asking your Aveda hair stylist several questions throughout your appointment. Asking the following five questions helps you better understand your hair and your stylist's technique so you can recreate the look at home and get the same fabulous hair day after day.


1. What is the Best Hair Cut & Style for My Face Shape?


There are a few main face shapes we use in the industry. These include: triangle, oval, round, square, and diamond, among others. Your face shape is determined by your jaw line, cheek bones, and hairline. Your stylist will also consider if you wear glasses regularly or have certain restrictions to your hair such as working in food service or religious reasons. No matter what cut you choose, you should also pay attention to how it's styled. Layers can look very different on curly or wavy hair compared to straight hair.


2. How Can I Achieve This Style at Home?


When your Aveda hair stylist is completing your look, pay attention to the techniques and tools they use. Ask questions if there's anything you don't understand. Your stylist can recommend a substitute product or tool if you don't have one at home. You can also choose to schedule a styling session where your stylist can slowly walk and talk you through everything she's doing and give you a chance to recreate it yourself, all the while providing tips and feedback as you work until you can achieve the perfect style on your own.


3. What Shampoo & Conditioner Should I Be Using?


Depending on the treatments applied to your hair, you may want to look for a certain shampoo and conditioner to maintain your look at home. In particular, if you've undergone a coloring treatment such as highlight, lowlights, balayage, or vivid colors, you'll want to stick to a color safe shampoo and conditioner regimen to maintain your color and lengthen the time you'll need between appointments. Additionally, if you have wavy or curly hair, you'll want to stick to products that are made without sulfates, parabens, and silicones, so that your curls can always be frizz-free and bouncy.


4. What are the Best Styling Products for Me?


Every stylist has their own favorite products that they use on nearly every client. But there are also some products that are perfect for specific styles. When completing your look, pay attention to or ask your stylist about the products he or she is using on your hair. These can include gel, mousse, leave-in conditioner, styling paste, texturizing spray, and more. Learn the reasons behind the choice and you'll be able to identify similar products when you're out shopping on your own. Of course, we also offer all the products we use on our clients for sale in our store so don't hesitate to ask your stylist about bringing home a bottle of your favorites!


5. How Long Until My Next Appointment?


The length of your hair, how long it takes to grow, and your hair growth goals, will all help decide how long you should wait between appointments. If you have short hair, such as a pixie cut, you can typically wait four to six weeks between appointments, but sometimes up to eight weeks. For medium length hair, such as bobs and lobs, you can usually wait eight to 12 weeks between appointments. For longer hair, you're probably safe to wait 12 to 16 weeks before coming back to the salon.


We hope that you feel a connection with your Aveda hair stylist that allows you to feel comfortable asking questions. If you're looking for the best Aveda salon near me, please contact us at Rejuv today to book a consultation appointment!